Did Emily Post her mail?

Did Johnny Depp go deep in the sea?

Was David Frost frosty to his guest?

Did Edgar Guest ever have a guest he did not like?

Did Edith Bunker live in the Bunker residence?

Does Robin Williams reincarnate to be the Robin at my window?

Did Morgan Freeman ever enslaved?

Did Edward Booth who assassinated Lincoln realize that he did the action in a booth?

Did Emilia Earhart lose her heart in the South Pacific?

Was Lucy Lawless on the lam?

Was Fred Flintstone a spark in the darkness?

Names should be rational. They should describe something you do. Carpenter should work with wood. But Karen Carpenter was a singer?

Was Lefty Glove a left handed person? A Schwartz is a tailor and his children are his stitches. His cousin should be a zip line.

We have Indian names which are extremely descriptive and sometimes not flattering.

Ashwin: A strong horse.

The name “Geronimo” is of Italian origin and it means “Holy Name”. It’s a name commonly given to boys.

So Geronimo is Italian and most Americans associate it with the Indian.

We constantly are mixing up names. What are some insane names from your group.


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