Some words on Orlando

I stay out of your affairs and you stay out of mine,

I can not be the judge of you and that is  my universe design.

I do not tell you whom to marry and whom to see,

I am not the thorn in your side, or that itch from the flea.


And murder is foul in any sense of the word,

To try to justify it is inane and absurd.

We will mourn in grief what the thief stole in the night.

We will never forget the images of death now embedded in our sight.


Pray goes out but the pain endures,

What to do now is something we stand unsure.

Guns give protection and can take life,

There are people out there who belief in giving strife.


There is no moral to the story just a prayer it will not happen again,

May all those in pain be at peace but there forever will there be the bloodstain.

It will happen again and there will be tears and grieve,

Into the peace of the world there is the vile thief.




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