Some thoughts of my deluded mind.

If stake is rare how come it is served in so many restaurants?

In tennis there is the serve, it is rarely served rare.

I am saving money for a rainy day but my soul is wanting to be saved on the days it rains and the day the sun shines.

Shine your shoes for a dime is now obsolete.  It does not cost a dime and shoe shiners are obsolete   They use to be everywhere.  Another job down the drain.

I know why my toilet is stuffed up.  It is because of all the money I have flushed down the drain.

My ship has sailed.   Unfortunately it was a tug boat.

Bears store fat for their hibernation.   People store fat but just take a nap.

I grew a beard to hide my double chin.  As I walked down the street I saw my  double with a triple chin and decided  to go on a diet.

There are countries with a diet as a congressional body.  I wonder if all the people in the diet are overweight.

I wonder what the lion is proud of.  Maybe it is his pride that surrounds him.

Why do people wish upon a star when they are so far away?  Is it because the wish has little chance of being granted.

I wonder if there is dust in outer space?  Maybe they could use a maid on a spaceship.

I always mix up macro and micro.  Micro is mini and means less and mac is something that goes with cheese.

If a zombie was Potus would he eat the cabinet?

A zombie affair would be catered brains and mashed organs.

Did Frankenstein use zippers?  Did he have a male organ to play on?

News is north, east, west and south but in outer space there would be no news.

What would the weatherman or woman report in outer space?

Are there mercury thermometers on Mercury?

Are there special maids who do crop dusting?


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