MOre Stuff.

If misery loves company why is it so lonely?

Why is it always raining on the parade?

Monkey see, monkey do means he is a copy cat and not a monkey.

I wonder if there was a dinosaur shaped like a pig that did fly.

Who shines the sun with sunshine?
Who would not like a mini me?  Is that not what our children are?

A man can be heartless.  Some guy had no heart.

, Craig Lewis, 55, was dying from a heart condition that caused build-ups of abnormal proteins, and not even a pacemaker could help save his life.

But two doctors from the Texas Heart Institute proposed a revolutionary new solution – install a ‘continuous flow’ device that would allow blood to circulate his body without a pulse.

Dr Billy Cohn and Dr Bud Frazier installed the device after removing Mr Lewis’ heart. Within a day, the patient was up and speaking with physicians.

Have you ever had a cold shoulder and gave it to another?

What ever happened to the ice man?

Has someone eaten the AFLAC bird?  Was he roasted?

If the cloud gets messed up is it because of a rain storm?

If a woman lives in the mansion is it a femsion?

What is it called at the brink of the outside versus the inside?

How much that is facebook is actually just nonsense?

I had a flip phone and entered into the olympics.




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