The Kennedy Curse

If you read my blogs yesterday you might have noticed a pattern.  Joe Kennedy only had to go home  His dad had arranged for him to go through the war in one piece.  Easy job and not very dangerous.  He would be the pilot looking for U boats.

But Joe felt that he was not doing enough and took on a dangerous mission.  He could have gone home but no, he would do one last mission.  That mission was to pilot a drone loaded with explosives and get near the big gun in France.  The Germans had built this gun in a bunker.  It had the ability to hit London.

All Joe had to do was get the plane on course to crash into the bunker.  He was to parachute out before the crash.  Both he and the co pilot did not make it.  In fact the bomber exploded over England and never crossed the channel.  There was a malfunction on board that set off the bombs.

Later it was discovered that the bunkers had been destroyed by the English bombings of over a month prior.  They had used earthquake bombs.  Joe’s mission was not needed and his death a waste.  The man who was scheduled and groomed to be president died a meaningless death.

Joe Senor now went to his second son and he became the heir apparent.  John F. Kennedy.

The hero of PT 109.


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