Is subtract the way through the ocean by a uboat?

If Jack Black bounces a check is he in the red?

Can you die from gesting?  Or is this just masticating?


If you fall on hard times, do seconds count?

If the Wright Brothers worked on the plane which Wright brother was picked to fly and which Wright was left?

The following is a part of the Awesome song from the Lego Movie.

Blue skies, bouncy springs, we just named a two awesome things
A Nobel prize, a piece of string
You know what’s awesome? Everything!
Dogs with fleas, allergies
A book of Greek antiquities
Brand new pants, a very old vest
Awesome items are the best
Trees, frogs, clogs, they’re awesome
Rocks, clocks, and socks, they’re awesome
Figs, and jigs, and twigs, that’s awesome

Everything you see or think or say is awesome

Who came up with this list?  We equal a Nobel Price with a piece of string.  Fleas, allergies, twigs make me go whoopee! How many children relate to Greek antiquities or know what a Nobel peace prize is?

I love the song but it makes little sense.  It reminds me of the Hills are Alive, did not think they were dead.  The Sounds of Silence are not echoed by the Alps.  I left my heart in San Francisco is song by a zombie.  And who does not love Jail House Rock where the convicts sing for their supper.

In fact many things we say make little cents.  We double negative and need judges to figure out the law which is so confusing that the average guy or gal is confused by the wording.

How can a Chinese woman have junk in her trunk?

You know your old when your wrinkle cream refuses to allow the lid to screw off.

I have heard of a screwy driver, but a screw driver should be at the bar and not on the workbench.

If it is legal to smoke pot in Colorado and you are smoking it in a car traveling west, can you be arrested for being under the influence if you cross the state line?

Suppose you are in a railroad car and you are not driving.  Just in your compartment smoking weed.  The conductor spots you are under the influence.  Can you be arrested when you cross the state line and pull into the station of a state that has different laws?

Should I get a victim to fly to a state where there is no death penalty and then murder them so I would not be under the rule of an eye for an eye.

How can I bounce a check when they are flat?

How does my account have balance?  Mine seems to be leaning to the negative side.


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