If it is too cute for words how do we communicate it?

If lightning hits an airplane can it bounce off and hit something nearby?

Is a lightning round ammunition that fires fast?

Is a pot hole, a hole in pot?  Does it create the rings that you blow out?

Does the moon have acne since it has so many creators?

If a Saab and a fiat have a crash is it Fiabulous?

If one can calculate the age of a gar, is it garbage?

Is there pen in a pension?  You do sign up

Do Scots wear tams on their heads if they also wear a beret underneath?

If one gets a pie in the eye, is that really amore if it has pepperoni on it?

Do cats feel purrfit when petted the right way?

Does one eat seconds at the last second?

Would you like to be the second in a duel when the first is not very good?



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