Rasputin Chapter

... 1966: 'I would kill <b>Rasputin</b> again' | From the Guardian | The Guardian

His long tunic hid a massive frame. He was six foot four and for a man who prayed for a living quite muscular. For peasant stock he was dense in muscles but smart in cunning. He was hung like a horse. The rumors were fourteen inches and that was close enough. His eyes were dark and seemed to have no life in them. His voice could be very soothing like he was putting a person into a trance. He was never happy with Yusupov thinking him as a fop. But the sister had intrigued him and conquest was an ego thing with him.

Yusupov came over and mentioned that at his establishment his sister awaited their attendance. Rasputin was hooked like a fish. He jumped at the chance. He joined Yusupov in his carriage for the ride over. A little chit chat and thirty minutes later they arrived.

Yusupov said his sister would be finished with her quests upstairs at about nine o’clock. During that time Rasputin could join him downstairs at a bar area he had set up years ago. Rasputin accepted. A little drinking and a leg of lamb or such would go down just nicely. Then at nine o’clock sex would crown off the evening. His alarm system was muted. He was not aware of anything out of the usual.

Downstairs a bar had been installed on one side of the room. A bartender had been brought down to serve them from the party that was still in swing upstairs. There were four tables with chairs around them. It seemed that smell of whiskey and vodka one associates with a bar with no window. The table towards the rear away from the stairs was empty and that is where the two men sat. Pieces of meat and cheese were brought to the table by the bartender. He had already served the three men sitting at a table at the far end. They were boisterous but stayed by themselves. Rasputin did not recognize them but assumed they were of the guard by the overcoats they were wearing. He preferred to be left alone to enjoy the food and the drinks ordered but Yusupov insisted on staying with him.

Conversation was short  between the priest and the fop. Drinking and eating was more important. Rasputin had an immense appetite for both, and then throw in sex and that was a big aspect of his life. Still Rasputin had instincts but in this case they let him down. He never figured that the door leading out to the storage area had three men on the other side whose only concern was his death. There in hiding was the Baron, Izzy and

the Baron’s brother. They were armed with pistols and knifes just in case. The bartender was part of the cadre. He had set up certain glasses with the poison in them behind the bar. When he brought out the glasses he gave one to Rasputin, laced and the other to Yusupov. He amply poured the poison in hoping for a quick death. The three men at the far table were also in on the situation. One with his back to Rasputin was Pavlovich. The other two Igor and Sasha were part of the conspiracy but not to get involved unless absolutely necessary.

Within the first fifteen minutes all went well except that Rasputin who now had drunk two steins full to the brim seemed unaffected. Rasputin called for another refill. The waiter showed some nervousness. The priest caught the drift of something wrong. He moved his chair.

There was a giant piece of cheese on a plate on the table. It had a small knife in it as to allow the eaters to slice off a piece.

“I think I will have a piece of cheese.” stated Rasputin, “this knife is for children” and with that he reached under his coat and pulled out a blade with a handle of ivory. “This will due and he sliced a piece from the chunk. The waiter was pouring the vodka mixture into Rasputin’s stein and because of a shudder at seeing the knife spilled some onto the table. “Be careful you fool. Here bartender pour some into my friend’s glass”

The bartender hesitated just a second for the filling jug was filled with poison. How would Yusupov handle the situation. Would he take drink the poison and continue to play his part? Would he give away the plan?

Rasputin took the knife and after slicing off a piece of cheese stuck the blade into the wood of the table with a powerful show of force. He liked the jump back effect it had on both the waiter and Yusupov. But there was something amiss. Something he could not put his finger on. A twinge of doubt became aware in his brain.

Rasputin jumped up and yelled at the bartender, “Why are you so nervous?”

The man jumped back and cowered as if the priest was going to strike him.

At this moment the three Jews realizing that the priest had figured out the situation abruptly entered the room with their pistols drawn. Originally they were not going to use pistols because of the noise of the shots but now they felt they had no choice in the matter.







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