Cartoon problems

The psychologist had a rough day for in his waiting room were the cartoons from stage and screen.

The first was Mickey Mouse who had a fad diet and eat cheese at every meal, been doing that since he was a teen.

He wore a girdle to keep his shape, but old age was starting to creep in,

His relationship was going south with his live-in named Min.

His dog Pluto was starting to growl and had bitten many a mailman,

His job was in jeopardy for Disney liked Ariel and Shriek, they had a million fans.

Mickey’s house needed major repair, his roof leaked and the fence was in need of painting.

Mickey was one mixed up mouse and his blood pressure was high and he continually exhibited fainting.

The psychologist of the studios saw him numerous times a week,

But so far no breakthrough, he never understood what Mickey did seek.

And the next patient was Ariel who had an inversion to water,

She also had issues with Poseidon who constantly yelled at his daughter,

She was tired of eating sea food and crabs were an issue,

Her skin needed moisturizing and had loose underarm tissue.

She loved a human, and the sea world was prejudice against this man,

Including a tuna named Charlie who had claustrophobia from being in a can.

The octopus tried to give Ariel advice about legs to stand on,

The hermit crab had a limited vocabulary, and every sentenced ended with mon.

And the psychologist himself had a few issues to say the least,

For he was a Disney character, his wife was beauty and he the beast.


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