The Exodus with a slant

Sometimes I find myself questioning the most obvious things.

We take it for granted that we are getting the right information but in reality are we?

This morning my wife and I went to confirmation of our grandson at the Temple.

Students wrote about their inner most thoughts.  One young man wrote about the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea.

As he spoke I came up with a different slant.

Originally the Red Sea was made up of shallow waters and a lot of reeds.  Now imagine the exodus of the Jews.  They did not take much with them for they were fleeing and could not carry much.  Add to this fact that they did not move military like a column but as a mass with width.  Going through the reeds they made the marsh muddy and probably it was a area of mud by the time the Egyptians came in.

Now the Egyptians were on chariots and loaded down with armor.  They probably were in a military formation, like a line.  All that weight in the middle of the muddy plain of reeds.

The waters did not flow back in, they literally were swallowed up by their weight into the quicksand produced by the mud.

I wonder is this possible.  Any ideas from you out there?


2 thoughts on “The Exodus with a slant

  1. Possible, yes, but is that the way it happened? No. I find it just as easy to believe in the unbelievable as the believable. I believe in God therefore, I believe He parted the Red Sea and that it happened just as He said it did.: “and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.” I’ll take God’s Word over people’s word any day. People lie. God never does.

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