Remembering the old stuff

Ding dong the wicked witch is dead.  Obviously she was struck by the bell and it killed her.

Monster mash is a potato pudding with Frankenstein and the Wolfman in the mix.

Man in the moon died from lack of oxygen.

I met a morphous and he transposed into the devil.

Do you remember the devil dog.  It was chocolate with a cream filling.

Remember cream puffs? What about cuffs on pants?

Remember the stylus on the record player and how it scratched the record if you smacked the player.

Remember the records of goofs recorded of commercials.

Remember the landing on the moon and how we stared at it, waiting for martians to show themselves?

Remember the alamo, the maine, and the first time  you saw King Kong?

Remember the Sopranos when they sang tenor?

Remember the cars that talked like Night Rider?

Remember peeling the aluminum foil off the t.v. dinner?

Remember the cold war, the hot plate and the lukewarm reception television got with only three channels.




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