The simple words of confusion

Is never mind in neverland?

What is the point of the story?  Is it a dot on the paper?

Can you erase the mark of a question mark?

Does Peter Parker wear a parka or a hoodie?

Can a hot dog be cold?

I waste my time and therefore time is a waste product.

What is hardly ever?

When one says I will be frank with you, does that mean he will change his name to Frank?

Is the mint in Ft. Knox minty?

Do you need a high clearance to pass under the bridge of honesty?

Can a slip of paper have grease on it?

I was glued to my television.  Does that mean Elmer was on the channel?

Can a real man get a pink slip from his employer?

If  Santa Claus was in trouble and had to eat Rudolph does that mean is nose would be red?

Is a caravan a car or a van?


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