Losing my marbles

Lutz marbles

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Lutz marble

Characterized by their lustrous swirls of golden metallic crystals, Lutz marbles take their name from French glassblower Nicholas Lutz, who worked out of a glass company in Sandwich, Massachusetts, and pioneered the use of “goldstone” (copper aventurine, a form of glass bearing tiny copper crystals) in many of his works.

Lutz probably never made marbles himself, but after he died in 1906 his ideas would be adopted by European factories, and for a brief period in the early 20th century, glitzy “Lutz marbles” were plentiful and cheap. Thanks to World War I, that didn’t last, and today Lutz marbles are rare collector’s items. Once again, the key to value is condition, size, and design: even a basic Lutz is worth around $100, while larger and more intricate examples can run well into four figures.

I know I had one of these.  I misplaced it. If you find it please mail it back to me.


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