Doom and Gloom

Once in a while a circumstance happens and we all scratch our heads in disbelieve.

It is like the leopard changing its spots or the person who says he is turning over a new leaf.

Could it happen?  Is it possible to be true?

Is the moon made of cheese and is it blue?


President Trump acting presidental and with no smirk on his face.

He the all powerful representing Americans as a force in the human race.

Trump solving the problems and not causing us to go to nuclear war,

Trump with words of peace and not threatening at all.


Sorry but I have doubts and they are in my gut,

I am worried this country is on self destruct rut.

Will Hillary be better or will other countries take advantage of an old woman?

Will they push the button and turn Washington, D.C. into nuclear sand.


What me worry said Alfred from the old Mad Magazine,

Will all that will be left will be anger and gestures obscene?




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