It is the first day of my vacation and my body and mind are still in work mode,

Got up at five like usual and had to fight the urge to go to work, ah I have sold my soul.

I am like one of the seven dwarfs and hi, ho, hi, ho it is off to work I go,

But I am on vacation my brain doth scream and so I vision my self working or so it does seem.


Maybe this is why we go to extremes and go on the road,

To foreign destinations, to places unpronouncable or someplace bold.

To stay at home and the temptation is to call and see if you can come in,

It is like you are doing something wrong by not going in, like a sin.


And the week will roll by and before you know it back to the toil you will be,

Slaving for the man, for the pennies of the day, a soul paid for the fee.

Tennessee Ernie Ford was right,  we sold our soul for the sixteen tons of coal,

Back to work in a week as my vacation takes a toll on my bank roll.


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