A history quiz for Americans

  1. How many states are there?
  2. What sunk the Titanic?
  3. In what war was Vicksburg?
  4. If the president and vice-president are incapacitated, who takes over?
  5. Who is Rosa Parks?
  6. Is Puerto Rico a state?
  7. Finish the statement, “All men are created __________”
  8. What is the number of the original colonies?
  9. Where is the Liberty Bell?

I tried once to give this exam to my students but I changed the questions.  Instead of what sunk the Titanic I asked what country sank the Titanic?  I asked where Rosa Parks was? And finally I asked what was the Liberty Bell made of?  The answers indicated we are in deep trouble. Germany sank the Titanic, Rosa Parks is in New York, and the Liberty Bell is made of gold.  Welcome to the dummy down America.  “Scary is it not” said my friend Yoda.

Simple questions. Should a high school senior know them?

The probability is that there is a good percentage who do not know the answers. Do we teach the answers to these questions?

How can one not know the answers?

We are a nation of trivia. We know more about the television shows then the answers to these questions. We know the words to music and that is essentially nonsense. Yet we do not know some of the essentials on our own country. Sad, pathetic and a rift on our educational system.

Note I did not give your number ten. It is usually, “who is the vice president of the United States?”

Now if you read my blog you probably know the answers because my readers are above the average bear. But ask your fellow Americans and be shocked.

So many students have answered to the first question fifty two.

Of course Puerto Rico is a state. Etc. Simple questions and the students even in college are scratching their heads. Not knowing our history is paramount to losing out on democracy. We believe in the red, white and blue but they should be more than colors but concepts.


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