I have gone dancing, prancing and sight seeing,
Now I add to the list of things I have done blogging.

What is a blog you may ask if you do not know,
It is a way of getting information about you to flow.

Sometimes it is deep and sometimes it is fluff,
Sometimes it is heartwarming and sometimes tough.

Usually it is a little part of us that we allow people in to view,
In other words it is a little part of what makes up you.

You are communicating to so many people around the world,
There in front of people you do not know you allow facts to swirl.

And people for the most part are generous and kind,
As you spill your inner must feelings out for them to find.

Your secrets exposed, you feel the pangs of relief,
You do not have to hide like the burglar or thief.

You have come out of the closet or discussed your aliments to all,
You have shared your emotions and feelings or shown pictures to enthrall.

This has become your extended family per se, friends with photo faces,
They are truly diverse, people all over the world representing all the races.

We are in truth all the same all over the earth,
We want to be heard and to have some worth.


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