Avoiding the world

What did you expect when the world ends with a whimper and not a bang,

Some marvelous rapture as we all go and someone shouts out a famous line.

“Top of the world, mom” or “Hasta Lavista” uttered in vain,

As the billions of us suffer in horrible pain.


There is another planet out there and we did not notice its presence,

Big and enormous and throwing out comets to come to our residence.

One of these comets killed off the dinosaurs or so it is believed,

But knowledge is wasted on me and most of it is to deceive.


I am from Missouri said the man with his eyes closed,

I see illusions and deceptions and perceptions arose.

What is real and what is conjured up in my conspiracy mind,

So many facts distorted and some confusion of what is the sign.


I go in circles like the circle of life,

I avoid conflict and the fear of strife,

I will cross the street to avoid confrontation,

I am concerned with nonsense and condemnation.


And so let me live my life away from confusion,

Let me turn off the news since I have reached this conclusion.

I change nothing, I have no voice in the cosmos of worldly events,

I will now go to my room and avoid all that is tense.


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