Super heros with age.

The future heroes twenty years from now.

Superman has retired. Yes, the man of steel has rusted. He has put down his cape and packed it away. No longer flying around the world saving one after another from disaster. He has given that job to the United Nations.

The problem is he never took out a 401 K and therefore he has a special government assistant program. Dark days for Clark Kent. The newspaper closed, Lois Lane moved on and Jimmy Olsen is her honey.

Superman has been quoted as being extremely displeased to have his food stamps cut. He feels he should get a better shake because he does not use Medicare.

Last seen Superman was playing shuffleboard and cards at the retirement home.

Batman committed. Finally the scars of the past have crept up on the crusader. He has horror dreams of being pecked by penguins. He spends his day hours over riddles and crossword puzzles. He has a thing about finding Waldo. He is extremely distressed that Robin never visits. The boy wonder now has picked up some habits that offend Bruce and the two have had some bitter quarrels.

Aqua man, goes ballistic. He destroyed the men trying to harpoon whales and left them without a rudder going in circles in the sea. He can be seen in commercials for condoms. He feels they should be recycled and not tossed into the oceans. Fish have been nibbling on them and the rubber is accumulating around the nose area. They especially seem to affect clown fish.

Wonder Woman is no longer a wonder.  She does commercials for wrinkle cream and promotes tourism to the islands.  The corporate jet has been retired for getting invisible spare parts has become difficult.



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