What America stands for.

A is for All the People. The rights are extended to all Americans. You can agree or you can disagree with their agendas and there certainly are a lot of them. But all have the right to free speech, free thoughts and to assemble to hear their thoughts. They can be diametrically opposed to where you stand on the issue, they can make no sense to you at all, but they have the rights to thinking their concepts in America.

M is for the Many. We represent them and since they are our neighbors, friends and in some cases our enemies we need to ban together to overcome adversity. There are threats out there. Some foreign and some domestic. We the many need protection from those threats. The threats could be terrorist in nature or a natural disaster. But one of the essential elements of being American is to help and defend, save and protect and allow for the rights to be safe.

E is for the Equality we have in the country. No one from the poorest to the richest shall be viewed privileged by the courts of the land because of their wealth. Even those who can not afford council are given it. We are all equal on the playing field in front of the judge. Evidence and facts shall be the determination of guilty or not guilty. A peer of ones fellow citizens make the decision.

R is for Rights. We have many and will fight to maintain them. We have sacrificed so many dead and wounded in the pursuit of these rights. We could tuck in our feathers and say the blazes with what goes on in the world but America is the conscious of the wrongs of the world and we as a people go out to level the atrocities out there.

I is for the Individual. He or she have the ability to advance in this country no matter what or where they are from. You can be from the poorest family and with hard work you can make it in our society. We allow for all to be educated. We do not have a system where you can not advance to the top level. We are a society which applauds those who show talent, who have ideas and have artistic abilities. We are a land of opportunity.

C is for lost causes. We allow for free speech and free thoughts and that is sometimes dangerous but necessary. In other countries the small minority is crushed by the majority. In America the lost cause can make a statement and be heard. We can listen or turn the message off but there is always the open ended ability to be heard.

A is for Ability. We grant people the way to enter our club of excellence. Everyone has the ability to join us in our concepts of democracy and our political system. We do not discriminate against sex, religion or the color of ones skin. We try to extend the concepts of our system to all.

At this time of the year we all think of renewal. Renewal of spirit and of purpose. May America be renewed to a great new year of leadership of our values and our principals.


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