Adam Walsh

I do not believe in divine intervention yet I wake up each morning with a thought to put in my blog. Where does it come from? They are not dreams. My eyes open and the thought starts. It comes from out of the blue. Sometimes it is pure fluff and sometimes it is not. Today was the later category. I awake at six in the morning. Like clock work. The idea is there at six and for ten minutes I think about it lying in bed. Today’s blog put the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up with anxiety. I had not thought of the card that has been in my drawer for so many years. Why the thought came to me I do not know.

The card is a thank you. On the front is a simple drawing by a young child. It is an outline of a lamb. Inside is a thank you which I will relate. It is to me for my help. It ends with the thought that young people would thank me for my aid for the foundation. It is signed by Reve Walsh.

It happened a long time ago and many of you probably do not remember the case. Here it is.

  • Adam John Walsh was an American boy who was abducted from a Sears department store at the Hollywood Mall in Hollywood, Florida, on July 27, 1981, and later found murdered and decapitated. Walsh’s death earned national publicity. Wikipedia

Adam Walsh’s father starred in a television show going after the bad guys. He was successful but the one case he never solved was his own son’s.

I have two grandchildren. One is thirteen and the other eleven. How do I explain there is evil out there. In the movie The Thing, the old one, the reporter at the end states, “Watch”

To you I state, Watch. Be aware of the evil out there and watch. May all the children and innocent be secure and safe.


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