Shark Bait

His brain smarted when he thought of deep things and therefore he stayed shallow.

Wading in the water he was the shark with the eyes of black.

Food was on his mind and there in the distance was a seal with appendages hanging from the main mass.

In  the water was the tingling sensation of a creature making moves of distress.

He circled the mass of pure delight.  And then he circled closer.

The spear gun arrow came out of the blue.

Now caught and sold he lay in pieces on the kitchen table.  His eyes not open, dark and void.

Shark steak steaked through the heart now dead and zombie like on a plate.

He did not know he was allergic to fish and the bone lodging in his throat gagged him and he died next to his victim.

The police said death by accident but it is believed that the fish knew exactly what it was doing.




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