The Jobs I have had

A bitter sweet day, last day of the job and then moving on,

Today I finish my year and a half as a ride operator and at the end of the day I will be gone.

I transfer to the resort where I have a new position one which I am happy to report,

A bell hop and proud to do the dance of excitement, a new vista and a lot of knowledge and enlighten.

In my life of seventy years there are many occupations I have touched,

Some I have loved and some were hard and not cared for so much,

I have mostly been an educator, a teacher of Social Studies in school,

I tend to be flexible and teaching was grand to a point, a wonderful tool.

I have taught tennis, although I was only a C player,

I have worked in a restaurant salad bar and even a waiter,

I have done summer school and was in recreation for a couple of summers,

Most jobs were fun and of short duration, some gave a high and some were bummers.

But all the jobs had an end and the last day so to speak,

Even the teaching jobs ended as the summer came up,

A goodbye to the students of that year,

A bittersweet ending and the knowledge that the year gone, a small drip of a tear.

And so today my last day as a ride operator there will be a smile on my face,

For tomorrow I will start a new gig, a bell hop at the resort, a new experience and fun to savor and taste.

I look forward to the privilege of new experiences and meeting new faces,

People from all over the country and the world, many cultures and many races.

It is one year later and I have pushed many a cart loaded with bags,

Big ones and small ones, many with interesting international tags.

But now the year is over and I have put in to work at the village Lego Land resort,

Maybe I will be chosen to open up the new facility, if yes or no, no retort.

Life goes on and there is always something else to do.

Another year of living and seeing this life through


One thought on “The Jobs I have had

  1. At 69, I’m not far behind you. But it seems you like work more than I do. I’m happily retired, although, hubby and I fill in cleaning freshly built houses. It’s a messy, dusty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And the extra cash comes in handy. Sounds like you enjoy being around people. I like solitude, lots of peace and quiet and clutter free living. Just give me my computer, a pot of coffee, and I’m good to go.

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