Silly thoughts on a Friday morning

Before Marco Polo went to China did kids play Marco and then say  Polo?  Did Marco play polo?

What would Disney think of Disney Land and World?

Before Einstein did E stand for Energy?  M for Mass and squared the speed of light.?

How does one square light in a square dance?

I have been called a square and if I go off the deep end am I now wasting my energy?

Do chickens eat eggs?  Will an ostrich eat an emu egg?

Profanity is running amok and I curse the day it started to run.

Have a civil tongue in your mouth and be urban about it.

Slip and fall is a sign near the falls of water in the park.

Bee hind has a stinger in it so I try not to linger behind.

Propane is positive for pain.

The flame of the arrow hits the barn and the cows run with the moo.



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