Appraisal of Life

We need to exercise, use those muscles and breath,

Our bodies are like machines they need oil for their feed.

But we also must exercise the mind for when its idle it goes to waste,

It gets all congested with gook and starts to lose its rapidity and pace.


Groggy, I am when I awaken from sleep,

Coffee is necessary for my brain to function,

It needs the jolt to awaken from sleepy junction.

My body and mind must be put in gear,

For me to work is necessary I fear.


Imagine your boss giving instructions in gobbly gook,

You looking at him in a stare, that perplexed look.

Or to your spouse you say things that make no sense,

Like you are in a dreamworld in the forest dense.


Body and soul, age taking its toll,

I shoot slower now but I aim for the soul.

I think of all the time wasted in making the buck,

But the real truth is my wife, kids and grandchildren and I feel the luck.


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