The Church of questions

I never understand “Oh, my God”  should it not be “Oh, our God”?

“God bless” also makes me wonder.  Does God not bless, does he or she condemn?

Sanctuary is a place of refuge.  A church is a sanctuary then why do people wish to run out to their lives after the sermon?  You would figure they would want to stay there a lot.

Church spires inspire me and Russian ones are grand.

Who judges the sermons of the church officials.  Do they have a ghost writer in the wings?

Can heaven by nature be underground?

If it is an offense to slander another, why do we do it?

Drama is often on the stage of life, and it burns like a demon from hell.

Marriage is an institution which can be wonderful or hell.  Yet both styles are at first exciting and marvelous.  It is time which either erodes it or makes it stronger.

Why are we so hung up on sex?  God said begat and I and most of my kind have done begatting.


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