NO Rhyme or Reason

One can understand once, maybe twice but what is often?

And how improved is improved in a product that can soften?

How do they calculate fat content in a meal?

What exactly does a concealer conceal?


These questions plus others clog up my mind.

It is like a contract when you buy a car that really does not bind.

What does the goobly gook really mean and do I need a lawyer to read it,

I mean we all have gotten crazy at the time of signing from to much sitting.


The mortgage company really owns my house,

do I really control my computer with my mouse.

How sour is sour cream and what are the extras in it which I can not pronounce?

How much pot is illegal, can I carry legally an ounce?


Why do they call it a crossword when the words make no sense,

I spend so much time on them and that is just nonsense,

Can I really kill a human being with kindness and not go to jail,

Can I pass a test that I did not study for and yet fail.


Is the trout in a river that is polluted, give me a polluted trout,

If I die intestate does my will not bind and therefore am I without.

Can I enter a state by going on a interstate and end up at a House of a Rising Son.

Can sex be not evil and therefore just recreation and fun?


My mind can not focus and it rambles about,

My thoughts have no clarity and therefore I have no clout.

But I hammer away at the keys and plug away at this blog.

Pushing away death like a croak avoid the inevitable frog.


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