ZMore weird stuff from fluff

My cousin Albert is dense like the fog.  He gets lost going mystery shopping.

My niece is pretty as a picture.  She is like the third dog in that painting with dogs playing cards.

Aunt Bee stung Andy when he was growing up in Mayville.

How little was Little Orphan Annie?

Did Little Miss Muffet have arachnophobia?

If it rained cats and dogs would there be meows and woofs in the air?

In space there is no sound so why do we hear the spaceships rockets in scifi movies?

Hark the angels sing.  What is a hark and how does it sound?

If I have a minor spat with the wife are we arguing over the kids?

should not the bases in baseball be round?

The Supreme Court has nine members and therefore could be a baseball team.  They could play the Senators.

When people buy a one way ticket why do they say see you soon when they leave?

Sometimes I am so weary I can not hear the beat, sweet beat or sweat beat, still my heart.

Dorian Gray loves to paint in dark hues.

He does amazing still paintings but they run when wet.



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