The World of the fifties and sixties

Welcome to the world of dilly dally. A pure waste of time of indecision.

This should become the mantra of the last Congress and its puny efforts at accomplishing anything.

Congressman Dilly Dally is from the district of the twilight zone. He was elected by clones to represent the noodle faction. Twist anything around and add cheddar and you have a nutritious dinner.

Nearby is Green Acres where the rational people live. There is a city slicker, one who slicks cities and a dizzy blond, prior to woman’s lib. There are farmers who grow things that they never reap and painters, two, who never finish painting. The smartest character is the pig. There is a Con man who will lie at a moment’s notice on everything.

Down the road is the original location of the Beverly Hillbillies. But they moved away lock, stock and barrels. They now reside as neighbors to Mr. Drisdale and do whimsical things. Elly Mae is with Peta, Grandma cooks coon, Jeb blows instruments and they have an idiot for a grandson, who wrestles Baers.

Finally off the coast is the island of Gilligan where seven founders cannot find their way to shore. There is the Professor, the millionaire and his wife, Gilligan and the Skipper, Marry Anne, who is never been married and The Ginger Cookie who is starting to crumble with age.

Then there is Paladin, who has a gun and will travel. He almost went to visit Ms. Kitty but Matt was too envious of his black outfit. Maverick roams the west playing poker while Steve McQueen takes them dead or alive.

On the flip side and with a lot of hip hop is Peter Gunn who loves his mom, T.H.E. Cat who moves with stealth and two dudes who travel route sixty six.

Sex was there but hidden somewhat. There was Eden and a bellybutton but they kept her in the bottle most of the time. Andy and Aunt Bee spoke wisdom with apple pie, Dick Van Dyke tripped every week over furniture, Morey loved Pickles and Hogan Heroes made light of the German machines.

Batman made use of the bat machines and yet never hit a home run. Rowan and Martin made light of everything, the Smothers Brothers did a lot of asides and parody aplenty.

My favorite was the Avengers where they battled the fruits and nuts of the land with style. And then there was “Danger Will Robertson” where the robot warned of impending disaster from monsters every week.

And as I write this is the music refrain in my head, “Those Were the Days”

The funny thing is the kids of today watch Nick and think these are new shows.

Retro is in and Batman and Robin go up the side of the building with ease.


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