Am I disturbed

How does one cast a rod if one is the killer fisherman?

Begat is in the Bible  a lot  How do bees use a gat?

How much gin is in ginseng tea?

Can I be a part from my apartment for a long period of time?

How did the Raven quote, “Nevermore” from who was he quoting?

Does Herb use herbs when he cooks?

Bonkers should be people who bonk?   What is the act of bonking?

Do geese in a vee formation ever change to a zig zag pattern?

I question everything.  All I need to do is find everything so I can question it.

Was  Aunt Jemima a real aunt?  Was Uncle Ben the real uncle and were they related?

Are rods reel?

Does A-Rod go fishing with a rod?

Who gets a bang out of the big bang?

Simon says a lot of things I do not want to do?

Is there a country where no one pays taxes?

I should consider debtor prison for I am up to my eyeballs with debt.

I was looking for the fool on a hill when I heard the sound of music.




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