A few scenes that stick with you.

In Ride the High Country there is one pivotal scene at the end of the movie. There is a classic shoot out The two old timers in the film portrayed by Joel McCrea and Randolph Scott fight three opponents in a classic western style o.k. corral style scene.

Joel McCrea is mortally wounded and his partner and he know it.  In the last scene he tells his partner he wants to do this alone.  His partner says “I will see you later”.

I never understood whether that meant he would come back later and bury him or that he too would follow him to the great unknown?  Either way there is always a tear in my eye at that final scene.

He and Randolph Scott, whose career strongly resembles McCrea’s, came out of retirement to make a classic of the genre, Sam Peckinpah‘s Ride the High Country (1962).  Their background was western and you believed them on a horse.  Men with morals and a right and wrong attitude which gets twisted and then straightens out at the end.


The same tear appears in my eye again at the end of Gunga Din.  Sam Jaffee

Sam Jaffe as Gunga Din in the film based on the Kipling poem, 1939
Dies at the end of the film and everybody acknowledges that he saved the day. Interesting this Jewish guy makes you believe he is an Indian water boy and we fall for it.  That to me is acting.

Sam Jaffe(I)(1891–1984)

Born Shalom Jaffe in New York City, he became known to the world as Sam Jaffe. From a Jewish family as a child he appeared in Yiddish theater productions with his mother, a well-known regional stage actress. He graduated from the City College of New York and then studied engineering at Columbia University graduate school.


Randolph Scott
Gil Westrum
Joel McCrea

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