The mess of the English Language

Words and words.

What is a Thunder ball? A bowling ball that reigns thunder down the alley?

What is a reign? Is it a wet condition of a king?

What color is colorless? How do you describe it?

What are the degrees of stickiness? Adhere should be some commercial in a special place. Ad here.

Petite should be a small pet named ite. We name our pets with the sublime to the ridiculous. We give them human names like Ralph and Waldo and silly names like Mr. Fluffy and Mrs. Kitty.

We have used many animals in the commercials that flash through our brain. Remember the dog in the shoe? Elsie the Cow, etc.

Why was Elsie on the glue container? Because they use to use the hoofs of animals to make the glue.

We use to wear animals. The mink, the otter, the stoat. Never the skunk or polecat, or the mouse or rat.

Living well could mean a well which is alive.

Living will is redundant. Will is alive when he is breathing. Will is dead when he is not. Can one have a dead will?

The chaos theory states everything is random and therefore random is organized into the theory.

Is evil live backwards? Is that how they get to play the record backward and hear words?

I use to be dyslexic which means in my mind I thought like Yoda, dyslexic I think. I did it a lot with numbers. When I was in the dating mode I would ask a girl for her number and then reverse the fourth and fifth number, thus I never connected. Or just maybe they gave me the wrong number. In an emergency I would dial one nine one. Nobody came.

If someone yells “cease fire” does that mean the guy named Cease shoots his gun?

I wear flip flops but they never change on my feet.  Why do they change when we discuss politicians?


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