Forty six years ago I married my wife, Alice.  We were meant  to be.  Both of us were born at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital in 1946.  Three months apart.  We meet by accident because her friend asked her boyfriend, my friend to have me write her a letter.  Twenty letters later we scheduled a meeting in Florida.  She lived on Miami Beach.  I took my Christmas vacation and went to meet her.

Six months later at Easter Time we got married.  Three kids followed.  I became a teacher and taught in Florida for forty years.  We have two grandchildren and one on the way.

Forty six and we still finish each others sentence.  I was sentenced to a life time of good times.  Some downs but that is life.  Many ups and many smiles.  The big thing is I have faced the world with another human being who is next to me  We are equal.  She just took out the recycle stuff.  We are a team.  So be it and so may it continue.  Looking forward to the next years and the adventure to continue.


4 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Sounds like hubby and me. Nothing like being married to your best friend. March 22 made it 43 years for us. We’ve been through sickness and health, rich and poor, and hope to die in each other’s arms.

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