I have been on the phone for the IRS,

Waiting on hold, this government agency is such a mess.

If I did not know I would envision many desks with a phone on each,

Handling customers with respect, but out of reach.

I waited for an hour and finally got through,

The lady asked me questions, put me on hold and did a review.

And then we got disconnected, my fault or hers?

How often does that happen, do the fates concur.

Is it a conspiracy that if a question is to hard the hang up doth come,

Is the IRS think we are frustrated to death and probably dumb.

They give us a name but who knows if it is true, a corresponding number, maybe out of the blue.

Why not an office like Social Security where we can get easy reach,

That would be novel, like a beautiful succulent peach.

But no there is mystery in the cloud and the phone line goes where?

I am scared this blog will be read by those in power, but at this point I do not care.


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