The questions that baffle why mind

Do humming birds hum?

Do song birds sing?

Why do some people wear their wedding rings and some do not?

If air ships fly in the air why are not boats going in the sea not named sea boats?

Why are German subs called U-boats and if sunk dunkerboats?

If you write in cursive do you need to curse?

Why are women have curves when they shoot you down with a straight arrow?

Is fog stupid and that is why it is considered dense?

If plain Jane is on a plane and flies to the plains is she Plain Jane of the planes?

Sadly I will be when Stan Lee is gone.  I marvel at his productive life.

Why do they call it the bay area? Should it not be under water?

When water evaporates it is still wet?  If you breath it in are you washing your lungs?


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