Life and being tired

Generation jet lag.  I am now seventy and since I work at the resort I listen to the young people who work there and I smile.  They are complaining how tired they are.  I am 70 and they under thirty.  They are tired and I push luggage carts.  Is it me or are they just out of shape.  They complain three hours into a eight hour shift.  They look beat and I inside laugh.  Welcome to the world of work.  Welcome to exhaustion and paying the freight for being alive and wanting things.

The funny thing is they spend their little capital on cell phones.  They show off the phones as if they really matter.  Hundreds paid so they can see trite videos of someone doing something really dumb.  Tattoos and piercing everywhere and yet they spend money on them.  The money that they receive in exchange for the work which makes them exhausted.  Save money, no.  Cars and material possessions are the most important to them.

Go to college?  Look at the future?  Trapped in a world that goes in a circle.  Owing their soul to the company store.

I am retired and yet working.  I have tried to sit in the rocking  It just does not work.

So I smile when the young complain how tired they are and reflect back to my youth when I too said I was tired.


2 thoughts on “Life and being tired

  1. The best lessons are learned through hard experience. Young people don’t listen because they are determined to make their own mistakes. You did. I did. Everyone does. It will sink in one day, when they realize they’re still making payments on a lost or outdated cell phone or gasping at the cost of laser tattoo removal, or whatever. The best things in life aren’t THINGS.

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