A weird story to be true

The commodore had a humidor which made no sense for he smoked cigarettes proven by the ashes on the floor,

The door was locked and the window shut, but the commodore was shot to death by six bullets up the butt.

The medical evidence was clear as a bell, for the position of the body was the clue for as he fell,

He cracked his head on the table, a weird story true but true for this is no fable.


The investigator concluded the truth of the matter for the man died trying to change the light bulb with a ladder,

The gun that he was cleaning was tucked in his belt, a stupid move true but a precaution that he felt,

For he feared a knock on the door by an killer that he knew before.

And then the earthquake struck and the ladder tipped, he fell to the floor as if he had a great trip.

The gun shot its load and now the story is told.

Any question? (why six shots in the butt?)  Karma for the quitting of the nasty habit, quick death by lead, and quick as a rabbit.


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