Worsd that are a puzzle to me.

where exactly is outer space?  I mean my closet is out of space?  There is definitely something in there that is not right.

Why are some socks longer than their matching pair?

Are faded clothes like the generals who faded into obscurity.

Do colonels like ears of corn?

Unidentified Flying Objects could be dust particles that are in the shape of dust bunnies.

Are tommy guns named after Tommy?

Is gelatin alive?  It shimmers and shakes and moves like it is.

Why do people say I am being honest here?  Are they therefore lying on other times?

I had a dental and mental exam at the same time.  I do not like the dentist and I am positive about it.

I am like a magnet for I am always positive I am right.

Can it be grand theft if you steal a grand piano and sell it for a grand?


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