Tired and weary

This blog is old and possibly stale.  I am tired out from working and my mind is in a fog.

I am confused on the concept of a baby grand piano. Does it play nursery rhymes and old tunes. Does it discriminate against jazz and rock.

Do all rocks roll and that is where we got rock and roll?

What does beat and rice have to do with Beatrice?

Does Horace play poker and get aces?

Fisticuffs is a rare word. You put your hand into a fist and cuff your opponent. What kind of cuffs does a Frenchman use, French cuffs?

Man go is a fruit that goes well?

Are sitcoms on television about chairs?

Is pitiful full of pits?

Does a pit bull have a pit?

Most sports have some kind of ball and the majority of them have someone hitting that ball. There should be a lawyer for the ball arguing abuse? Ball abuse is rampant.

There are lawyers taking case after case around the concept of hang nails. Before being hung they need lawyer advise and a fair jury.

Judge Roy Bean was called the Hanging Judge because he hung ten.


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