Reflections of the morning fog in my head

What was Nero playing while Rome burned?  Light my fire?

What did Lucky Lindy read on his trip across the Atlantic?

What flavor of ice cream did General Custer serve at his stand at the Little Big Horn?

Mental and menial both start with men.

I wonder if cannibals ever read Julia Child and know how long to roast a comedian?

Isn’t everyone start out with skin and bones?  That is unless you are a whimp with no backbone.

If the score in a basketball game is zero to zero is it not pointless to argue who won?

I have heard of gunslingers who sling guns, but mud slinging does not kill and therefore the old west should have been muddy.

I always confuse the Arctic and the Antarctic, one in the north and one in the south.  How do penguins know which berg they are on?

Do these penguins fight over territorial rights?  Are the black stripes on the other side?

Do they talk the same language?


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