Lying to the children


Jack and Jill went up the hill to get a pail of water.  Why would a well be dug on top of a hill?  I would think ground water would not be there but in the lower areas?


Jack be Nimble, Jack be quick, and he jumped over a candle stick.  Why would he do that?  Is there not something else he might want to jump over?


Old MacDonald had a farm.  Oh that is where he got chicken nuggets.  I can see them now in the chicken coop.  The cows give out milk shakes and therefore are dancing before they are milked.  I wonder if Ronald walks around in those weird shoes on the farm.


London Bridge is falling down.  Actually it needed to be repaired and they kept putting it off.  Like the potholes in
America the priority list put this at the low end.  Typical, got to have fancy limos driving the royalty than repair the bridge or roads.


She had so many children she did not know what to do.  I strongly advise birth control.  Even the rhythm method is advisable.  And who lives in a shoe?  Athletes with their feet problems?
We feed our children malarkey and then wonder why they are confused.  Simple logic would be interesting.  No wonder they believe in Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  The new team of Shock Man and Awe Woman, conjoined twins of the mind is coming next.


Should we tell the truth to the children?  Santa is not coming and the toys are bought at Walmart.  The Easter Bunny does not hop.  That there is evil out there.  No let them live in the safe world and may they never know the evils of the world?  What do you think?  Truth is in the eyes of the beholder.


4 thoughts on “Lying to the children

  1. Tell them the truth… sharp kids will question and figure it out anyway. I recall a story where a mom decided to tell her nine-year-old son that she was actually the Tooth Fairy. The kid thought about it a minute and said, “That’s awesome… but how do you get into the other kids’ houses?”

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