The Loser Poem

Mea Culpa yo’all, I accept I have done wrong,

I will state it here or maybe latter in a walling song,

I am the reason for the crisis that plagues the earth,

I am the culprit who gave global warning its birth.

I smoked too much and gave my body lungs clogged up with tar,

I ate too much and my blotted body can barely fit in a car,

I did not exercise and made every excuse possible to stay inactive and lazy,

I never exercise my mind, reading books, to me that would be crazy.

My marriage failed for I ignored my wife and our offspring,

It did not help any that I screwed around and had a fling,

I gambled and lost my paycheck week after week,

I need professional help and my body odor is offensive, I stink.

I am an offensive person who should one day man up,

My offensives are abundant and they surge over the rim of the cup.

So why do I expect anything nice,

It is not my fault that, it is the toss of the dice.

So label me loser and be done with me already,

Trying to correct my mistakes would take a lot to make me a shiny penny,

Allow me to wallow in my own salty brine,

I am the loser of my destiny and I am running out of time.


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