Harvey the Turtle

I am Harvey the Turtle with a shell,

And this is my story which I do tell.

Shy and quiet, slow to anger and meek,

Even I the introvert has a girl which I seek.


Her name was Milly a fetching young lass,

It was her that I wished to woo with the line that I cast.

But there was an obstacle to my pursuit, a snapping turtle named Bert.


He was a bully and a showoff, a huge guy, a big flirt,

He had all the girls pursuing him and treated them badly and curt.

Milly was part of his adoring flock,

My mind was exploding with rage, my anger building, I was becoming  “The Rock”


And then he crossed the line and hurt my flame,

The line crossed and I became insane,

Smoke roared out of my nostrils, my ego soared,

And in a moment of stupidity I challenged him, My body hitting the floor.


Yes he hit me hard and I tumbled and fell,

And there was Milly along side me and at Bert she did yell.


This was long ago when I had shyness and a fragile shell,

That was the story I wished to relay to you, the story which I did tell.

<b>Cartoon</b> <b>Turtle</b>

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