Fun with words

If pens and pencils do not write on water how does one draw a bath?

If a fly is a boy fly is he a fly boy and has an aircraft?

I have heard of arts and crafts but what is air craft?  Is it drawing things in the air?

Surround sound is all around me but is silence also surround no sound?

If all that glitters is gold what is aluminum foil?

Can an epee be made of aluminum foil and therefore not require a tip?

Can it be snowing grafetti in the canyons of New York City?

Is bad rap music getting a bad rap?

The epidemic of stupid is invading the political system.  Everyone is mad at something and that is no excuse at voting for the one who says he or she will make it better or great.

If we have a farm under a farm, like a terraced farm, is it a sub tract?

Nobody knows the trouble we are in for facing the truth is a mirror of deception.

I lost a lot of weight and my waist is less than before, I therefore have wasted my waist.


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