Me the Seer

Crystal Ball - People Characters




Confessions of a scam artist professing to be a psychic.  I have no abilities.  At least I think I don’t.  The gig is simple.  You get hired by a psych company which sets up a phone line to get incoming calls.  The aim is to keep the caller on the line for more than two minutes.  After the two minutes the minutes are counted and charged to the caller.

You accomplish this by pausing, heming and hawing, and coming up with teasers.

For example you hit the hot topics.  Someone, somewhere, is thinking evil of you.

Someone is trying to control your life.  Someone loves you deeply and does not have the courage to tell you.

You feel sad because of an event that floored you.  Your boss is secretly trying to get rid of you.

I think at this point you get the drift.

If the customer bites and gives you a hint of what they are interested in hearing than you proceed down that path.

It is all bluff and cues.  Most people have the same thought patterns.  You know you are not going to win over the skeptics and therefore at two minutes they hang up on you.  But the partial believers they will spend good money on the nonsense you are saying.

Do high ups believe this stuff?  You would be surprise. The Reagan’s consulted one.

In fact, the First Lady’s oracle is San Francisco Heiress Joan Quigley, author of three books on astrology, including Astrology for Teens (written under the pseudonym Angel Star). Her name surfaced in Friday’s San Francisco Chronicle, which carried a brief item speculating that she might be Mrs. Reagan’s astrologer. Interviewed Saturday aboard a New York-San Francisco flight, Quigley told TIME that she was first introduced to Nancy Reagan by TV Talk Show Host Merv Griffin in the early 1970s, and has provided the Reagans with suggestions about the timing of various political events ever since.

“I advise them when to be careful,” she says. “I don’t make decisions for them.” It was on the basis of her readings, claims Quigley, that Reagan chose January 1984 as the time to announce his bid for re-election. “An astrologer just picks the best possible time to do something that someone else has already planned to do,” she adds. “It is like being in the ocean: you should go with the waves, not against them.”

Do you believe?  I see money in your future.  A small amount but it comes out of the blue.



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