Old Memories

Somethings are ingrained in our mind and stay there like a chime,

The commercials we saw hours on TV. over and over,

Like calling for a bone to our dog Rover.

Remember Tie, he was in the shoe,

Remember Cousteau, he had no clue.

Remember the Alamo, the place where the Texans stood,

Remember the rings that changed color based on mood.

Remember the TV. Dinners in their thin sheet of aluminum,

Remember Maxwell Smart playing the agent as dumb.

Remember Ninety Nine his companion in stopping crime,

Remember Bounty the Bald Headed guy who snuffed out grime.

Remember the glove that acquitted O.J. for it did not fit,

Remember the Maine that caused the war that lasted a little bit.

Remember the birth of the home computer which invaded our homes,

Remember the cell phone and the strange ringing of ring tones.

Remember pre blog days when we did not go around the world in a sec,

Remember the days when things were simple and not high tech.

Remember the aliens from outer space in the fifties they came,

Remember Independence Day and realizing they were the same.

Remember and reflect as we morph into the next generation,

As we study sciences and allow investigation by penetration,

Be wary of playing as a God with fire in the hands of the insane,

For one day we may be gone and then no memories down memory lane.


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