A morning exercise for the mind.

Hi Ho, hi ho, its off to work I go.  Is that what a tall prostitute says when she walks the streets of the city?

Do pilots dream they are flying in their sleep?

Astronauts go tall in space.  Their spine expands as there is no gravity.  I wonder how it affects their organs?

Do organ grinders suffer a lot of pain?  Crushing ones organs do not sound good.

If a lot of noise hits a lot of noise it cancels out the noise.  Therefore Congress should be a silent place.

My veins are now visible and my wrinkles are everywhere.  Age is a bitch.

We tear down the old buildings and then put up new ones.  We replace things with ease.  So why can not I get a new body.  Like trading in a car.

Replace my spark plugs for they have not been ignited in a long time.

Replace my water pump for my does leak.

Replace my tires for my feet get sore.

In space there is no noise.  How do we know that?  Did an astronaut open his helmet and yell out?

We have a weather channel.  Weather is never cancelled so many shows are jealous of it.


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