Word Game

Do bakers suffer from yeast infections?

Do tennis players make a racket?

If something smarts why does it hurt?

Who counts pollen?  Is it a bee person?

If you are in school a long time are you a gradual graduate?

How does one winter in Florida?

Why would one skate on thin ice?

If blood is thicker than water does it drip slower?

Is there any place where one can buy robes for the KKK convention?

If birds of one feather fly into birds of another feather do they have a feather fight?

Is the movie Pillow Talk about two pillows that talk to each other?  How weird is that?

What is jumbo size?  Do they serve jumbo shrimp on a jumbo jet?

Why do vacations make people exhausted?  No one rests on a vacation.

nee is a word that confuses me.  Woman change their last name but men do not.  Why do they not just combine their names?  If Washington married Johnson they would be Washson.  If Bogart married Bacall they should be Bocall.

If misery loves company it must have a lot of friends.


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