Reflections on Cancer

If you read my blog this morning I noted that I was going to write what conclusions I have come to concerning this disease.

It appears that the body of a human being is affected by factors which in  turn affect cancer chances and how it manifests its effects on your body.

All people have genes and these genes are affected by genetics.  Does cancer transfer from one parent to a child?  Is cancer in the genes or are the genes carry the tendency of how the body handles the factors that create cancer?  That is the question.

We know that some people smoke.  Yet Joe smokes ten cigarettes a day and never has cancer and George gets lung cancer and never smoked.  Joe has genes which were never affected by the cancer and George got cancer from being in a cancer environment from which he had little resistance available for his genes were not strong enough to resist the cancer.

Three things seem to be causes for cancer.  There are probably more but three stick out.

One: Your environment.  Work in a smoke filled environment and if you are like George your probability goes up.  Smoke and have little resistance to cancer and you are a candidate.

Two: Stress is a factor.  How you handle it is big.  Some people can handle it and others fall apart.

The food you eat and the water you drink: Eat crap and become crap.  Eat chicken that was given additives to grow ie: steroids and you will have those things in you.

Conclusion: If there is a history of cancer in your family tree than think of one, two and three.

Quit smoking, learn to control your emotions, maybe yoga or meditation and watch what you eat and drink.

My family history: No one in my immediate family had cancer.  But blood pressure problems.  Grandmother and my father.

In my life I allowed myself to be in a stress job.  The result was blood pressure numbers that were no joke.  Weight was high.  Result: a stroke that did me damage.

I survived.  I lost ninety pounds.  I never smoked.  I do not drink.  But the food intake was of poor quality.  I gave up salt, sugar, heavy meats, sodas, flavored drinks and the weight came off.  I exercise in the job.  I am a bellman which forces me to lift, pull and push weights and walk a lot.

Some thoughts.  Look in the mirror.  What are your thoughts?


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