A few notes before I go to work.

“I got your back,” said the chiropractor.

“Bite me,” is never said in the dentist’s office

“I have claustrophobia and get dizzy with the up and down motion, ” said the elevator operator.

“I am a neat freak,” said the car mechanic as he cleaned the oil from his hands.

“We are the good hands people,” said the company spokesmen from the dermatologist.

The stork got a hernia from the overweight baby.

Does water fall up in up state New York?

Are animals concerned with sex.  Does the zebra pick a mate based on stripes?  Does the giraffe pick a mate based on the length of the neck?  Do hippos thrust with their hips?

Do bees do it in the beehive?  Do sand cranes do it on the sand?  People do it in the craziest places?  How many have done it in the car, on a train, on a plane, and in the rain?




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